CENTRE FOR ACCOUNTING, BANKING AND FINANCE (CABF) aims to become the leading research centre in disseminating knowledge and expertise to the society, local and worldwide, through consultancy and research in line with the university's vision. The mission of the centre is to inculcate among the faculty and the academic community a culture of commitment to disseminate knowledge and encourage vigorous scholastic research activities with publications of high international standard. The centre will meet the demand for researchers in the area of banking, finance and accounting with the hope to incorporate applied research and consultancy works among the academic and the industry.


Enhancing academic research for the advancement of knowledge in banking, finance and accounting.


  1. To coordinate, encourage and enhance academic research, teaching and consultancy among staff. 
  2. To maintain good contact and collaborative links with local and overseas universities and governments. 
  3. To provide information to staff on the research grants and conferences in the area of accounting, banking, and finance. 
  4. To promote and encourage individual and collaborative research and development activities among the faculty staff. 
  5. To promote and encourage individual and collaborative research and development among academic staff with the industries.


  1. To build network and collaborate with institutions, industries, communities, and government bodies to serve the needs of various stakeholders (Research Grants, Commercialization and Consultancy).
  2. To share and disseminate the research findings that are related to UN’s sustainable development goals (Research Talks, Seminars, Webinars, and Conferences).
  3. To encourage a cross-disciplinary research to solve real world problems (Consultancy, Research and Publications).



Auditing, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Governance and Accounting Information System. 


Financial inclusion, Conventional and Islamic banking, Banking Performance Analysis, Digital banking, Financial Institution, and others. 


Portfolio management, Financial statement analysis, Islamic finance, Asset pricing, Insurance and takaful, Behavioral finance, Efficient market hypothesis, Investment and financing strategies, Fintech, Crowdfunding and Social finance.