Chairperson's Message

Greetings and welcome to the Centre for Accounting, Banking and Finance (CABF) website. CABF is a research centre that is parked under the Faculty of Business and Finance (FBF), focusing on emerging research in the accounting, banking and finance areas. The Centre is envisioned to be a vital part of the university strategy in achieving research excellence at both the national and international level.

CABF aims to build a network of researchers in the accounting, banking and finance areas who are readily available to engage in multi-disciplinary research studies, consultation, and intellectual discourses. With the eclectic mix of expertise, the Centre aspires to contribute a more holistic impact to the society and nation.

I invite you to take some time to visit our website and learn more about our latest research, achievements, expertise, and upcoming events.

Thank you.

-  Centre for Accounting, Banking and Finance (CABF) -


CABF aims to promote excellent research culture in the area of accounting, banking and finance among its members. Ultimately, the Centre aims to enhance both the strategic planning and the funding of its research; raising the national and international profile of the university.


Enhancing academic research for the advancement of knowledge in banking, finance and accounting.